Euroviti, Injection, head, nozzle


Our production capacity is between bore Ø 18mm to bore  Ø 400mm for a total length of 9mt.
This capacity allow us to cover a wide range of inquiries coming from manufacturers and end users.
In depends of the plastic materials processed Euroviti is enable to offer different combination of steel to increase life terms of screws and barrels.

Here as follow the wide range of steel used:

  • EUV 34 Nitrided steel
  • EUV 41 Nitrided steel
  • EUV 79 Hardened steel
  • EUV 10 Sintered steel
  • EUV 80 Sintered steel
  • EUV 90 Sintered steel

Our staff will help you in choose the most suitable steel for your application between sets:

Standard Series                         
Bimetallic Corrosion Series 
Bimetallic Strong Series  
Bimetallic Unlimited Series

The range of production are completed with:

  • Screw tip realized with material high resistance to corrosion and abrasion 
  • Head
  • Nozzle
Manufacture of the screws
EUV 410,450,50,800,030,0350,81,800,40---
EUV 340,370,40,700,0250,031,201,800,251,5--
EUV 791,600,400,450,030,03n.p.12,00,80n.p.1,1-
EUV 102,9-0,5---81,5-9,80-
EUV 802,300,600,30---12,501,10-4-
EUV 901,900,700,90---201-40,60
Coating on screws
Cobalt BaseEUV 1246 - 48 HRC
Iron BaseEUV 558 - 60 HRC
Nickel BaseEUV 5652 - 56 HRC
Nickel BaseEUV 6058 - 60 HRC
Nickel Base ( Tungsten carbide )EUVW 85067 - 69 HRC
Screw coatings
Method of coatingMaterial
PVDTin – TiCN – CrN
HVOFWc-Co-Cr ( Ceramic )
HVOFWc-Co ( Tungsten carbide )
Hard chrome platingCr
Manufacture of the bimetalic barrels
EUV100FeNi.C.B.58 - 65 HRCWear/resistance
EUV400Fe/CrNi.Mo.Cu.C.B.64 - 69 HRCWear and corrosion resistance
EUV200Ni/CoCr.Mo.B.48 - 56 HRCCorrosion
EUV1000WNi legaCr.Si.B.Wc.58 - 66 HRCExcellent wear an corr. resist
EUV 41 ( Nitriding steel )Fe950 ÷ 1100 HV