Euroviti, Conical set

Conical Set

The twin conical barrel and twin conical screw parts are the most technologically complex to produce.
We have the technical know-how productive to provide twin conical barrel made in design or sample, coupled to the conical twin-screw that could be new or regenerated

Mainly used in PVC and W-PVC profile extrusion, we are able to recommend the best combination of steel and coating to reduce the corrosion and the abrasion.

Manufacture of the screws
EUV 310,340,700,40 max0,025 max0,30 max-2,700,250,20-
Coating on screws
Iron BaseEUV 558 - 60 HRC
Nickel BaseEUV 5652 - 56 HRC
Nickel Base ( Tungsten carbide )EUV 85067 - 69 HRC
MolibdenoEUV 70059 - 60 HRC
Screw coatings
Method of coatingMaterial
HVOFWC-Co-Cr ( Ceramic )
HVOFWC-Co ( Tungsten carbide )
Galvanic chrome platingCr
Manufacture of the barrel
EUV 340,370,400,700,0250,0301,201,800,251,50--
EUV 410,450,500,800,0300,0350,801,800,40