Euroviti, Euroviti, Co-rotating


This spare parts are mainly used in the production of compounds, raw granulate material used in injection and extrusion process.
They are made by twin barrel in one piece nitride or bimetallic.
Some of them are realized with inside sleeve realized in bimetallic, HIP and Vanadis10 who can be easily remove.
Twin Screws are realized with shaft splined with different type of screw element, transport and kneading block that can be composed in different way and we are able to recommend the screw design.

Euroviti can provide spare parts for this extruder:

  • Twin shaft splined or with keyway
  • Screw elements in their different shape: transport, kneading block, rotors
  • Barrel in one piece nitride or with bimetallic sleeve

In depends of require of customer and to give good protection against wearing, abrasion and corrosion we can realize this parts in:

  • EUV 41 acciai nitrurati
  • EUV 79 acciai temprati
  • EUV 54 acciai temprati
  • EUV 10 acciai sinterizzati
Manufacture of the barrel
EUV 410,450,50,800,030,0350,801,800,40---
EUV 791,600,400,450,030,03N.P.12,00,80N.P.1,1-
EUV 540,90-----4,105-1,806,20
EUV 102,9-0,5---81,5---