PTA and HVOF technologies

HVOF euroviti

Euroviti produces plasticizing units: single screw and twin-screw for both injection and extrusion.
Latest generation machines tools ensure an high degree of precision during manufacturing processes that are monitored throughout the production steps.
The screws are designed and built considering their role within the machinery system and this allows to make all the improvements which are needed to increase production performance.
Thanks to the PTA and HVOF technologies, we offer the most advanced solutions for the counter-rotating screws armouring, the alloys with Iron, Nickel and Molybdenum base contain the most we can get against wear and corrosion.
The HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) process is used to improve the surface characteristics of the screws, in a W-Co-Cr compound where Tungsten Carbide is equal to 86%.
While, thanks to the plasma deposition technology (PTA) and a robotic system integrated with its 3D programming systems, Euroviti guarantees constant and repeatable characteristics.