Euroviti produce plasticizing screws and barrels for extrusion and injection and is present since many years on the national and international market too.
On the range of products we found: barrel and screw, plasticizing barrel and screws, barrel and screw for injection, barrel and screw for extrusion, conical screw and barrel, twin parallel screw and twin parallel barrel, barrel and screw bimetallic, screw coated, corotating screw and barrel, screws and barrel for extruders, screws and barrels for injection machine, monoscrew for extrusion
Thanks to a team of highly qualified engineers, Euroviti establishes its development policy on three major points: service, quality and professionality
These three elements, together with a constant development of our production lines, allow us to compete with the main European Manufacturers. 
Founded on 1992, company is strongly established in Italy with his historical head quarter in Cazzago San Martino and has expanded its position in foreign markets with an office in France (Euroviti France at Annecy Le Vieux) and one in Russia (Euroviti Россия at Moscow)