Coming from heterogeneous waste, we give new life to plastic!

Thanks to 30 years of experience, research and development, a young and dynamic team led by our Technical Director, a long-time professional, always motivated to find solutions because "our technology is your profit”

Post-consumer and post-industrial materials are ground and regenerated by means of extruders, even single screw, on which we can design the plasticization set with one or more degassers. In some cases, such as the one below, the regrind waste is shredded and added as it is to the virgin granule.

For application with XPS, sheet production, we have designed a degassing unit that could extrude 50% virgin and 50% regrind material, thus giving the possibility to recover a good part of regrind in a short time and save up to 15% of electricity thanks to to the screw design.