• HPE, HPB and HPS profile design

    Euroviti is one of the few companies that can guarantee valuable support in the development of new HPE, HPB and HPS single-screw profiles that allow to increase production, reducing pressure and melting temperature.

  • Euroviti opens up to the world!

    The race to internationalization does not stop and in a short time Euroviti has also conquered the Far East!

  • Project

    "Our technology is your profit!!" This is our slogan, created to build the bases to satisfy the demands of our customers. We design and develop different kind of screw geometry to improve output, plastification, melting and more.

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  • Co-rotating

    Co-rotating are made by twin barrel in one piece nitride or bimetallic.

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    Euroviti, Co-rotating
  • Twin Parallel Barrel

    The Twin Parallel Barrel nitrided and bimetallic is the products that distinguishes us. We have a history of about a thousand products pieces, for the pipe production, profile and compound production.

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Our production capacity is between bore Ø 18mm to bore Ø 400mm for a total length of 9mt. This capacity allow us to cover a wide range of inquiries coming from manufacturers and end users. In depends of the plastic materials processed Euroviti is enable to offer different
combination of steel to increase life terms of screws and barrels.


Euroviti produce plasticizing screws and barrels for extrusion and injection

Euroviti produce: barrel and screw, plasticizing barrel and screws, barrel and screw for injection, barrel and screw for extrusion, conical screw and barrel, twin parallel screw and twin parallel barrel, barrel and screw bimetallic, screw coated

Project of screws and barrels

We provide valuable support in the development of new manufacturing processes, through the construction as sample or making a project of screws and barrels, realized in nitride steel, hardened and high-reasistance READ MORE


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